The Manual - Troubleshooting




The Yellow Triangle

If you see a yellow triangle with exclamation mark in Main view right below the Rating Circle this indicates that minor errors have been logged during the current session.

Many of these will be minor and can be triggered when Alogea returns from being suspended. Others can sometimes interfere with proper function.

We have introduced this in Version 2 to be able to respond to errors than don't result in a crash but can affect your experience.

Please consider sending us the error log by tapping on the triangle. If you think that Alogea did not function properly please add a short description of the problem you encountered or attach a screen shot image.
All data transmitted are processed internally only for bug fixes and stability improvements. Nothing is shared with anyone else.

The error log is cleared at every launch so when re-starting Alogea the triangle should not re-appear.
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If you have opted in to share usage data with Apple we will get notified if there are crashes.

If you haven't and suffer a crash or if you come across non-crash problems please let us know - we are very keen to remove bugs and make your experience smooth and flawless.

You can send an email to the support team in Settings > Help & Support.
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When something odd happens it's best to first suspend Alogea if possible by pressing the home button or swiping upwards from the bottom.
This saves any changes or new entries.

After this step (or if Alogea is frozen) quit Alogea by double tapping the home button or slowly swiping up for the lower left corner to the screen middle and then flip Alogea upward until it disappears.

Then re-start the App by tapping on it.

Strange Time Line display behaviour can sometimes be sorted by tapping 'D' (for 'Day') - or any other interval if 'D' is selected - atop the Time Line and then 'Today'.
If you did not find an answer to your problem here please contact our support team: