Eazy Fractions 2


How to use
EAZY Fractions 2
We have worked hard to make using EAZY Fractions 2 as intuitive and straightforward to use as possible. Principally, tap away and try it out - if you’re familiar with standard calculators you may not need any further help at all.

As with a standard calculator, enter a calculation by tapping numbers (operands) and operators (+ - ÷ x <>). Tap Equals (=) at the end to calculate the result.

EAZY Fractions 2 will guide you by enabling and disabling some buttons as you tap so that non-sensical entries are avoided and you always know what you can enter next.
How to enter a SIMPLE fraction?
Option 1
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Option 2
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How to enter a NEGATIVE fraction?
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Option 1
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Option 2
How to enter a MIXED fraction?
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Option 1
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Option 2
How to enter a DECIMALS?
Use the DOT button
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If you want to enter a decimal starting with '0.' you can just tap DOT and EAZY Fractions 2 will enter the 0 for you.
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How to enter a COMPARISONS?
To find out which number is the greater tap the comparison operator between numbers.

The result of a comparison is shown like this:
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You can enter multiple numbers to compare.
After tapping (=) they will be shown in descending order.
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You can enter fractions and decimal numbers to compare.
After tapping (=) they will be shown in descending order.
You can even compare results of calculations. See the example to the right.
After tapping (=) the result will look like this.
How to display calculation RESULTS?
After tapping (=) EAZY Fractions 2 will show the result, initially as a fraction.
By repeatedly tapping on the result you can toggle the result display: fraction > decimal > percent > fraction