EAZY Fractions


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How to use
In the best Apple software tradition we have kept the interface simple and intuitive.
How to enter a Fraction Calculation
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The idea in Eazy Fractions is to enter a calculation of up to five fractions, integers or decimals. The numbers are entered individually, each followed by an operator (+ - ÷ x). The result is calculated after tapping the equals (=) button. The calculation can be edited before tapping the result button.
You can enter numbers between -1000 and +1000.
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You can simply convert a single fraction; use the Convert button. It converts a single fraction currently entered in the white fields to a mixed fraction, reduced as far as possible.
Note that all fractions are also automatically converted and displayed in the calculation field area.
Entering Fractions
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You have several convenient options to enter fractions.

Tap into one of the three blank fields in the upper left hand corner.

You can enter a fraction all into the large field with a slash as separator, or
enter numerator into the small upper, and denominator into the small lower field for the same result.

For negative fractions, just enter -before the fraction in the large integer field.
Mixed Fractions
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For mixed fractions, enter the integer part into the large field, and the fraction part as above.

To enter the entire mixed fraction in one go, tap into the large field and use dot (.) as separator between integer and fraction, and slash (/) between numerator and denominator. Make sure to enter only one dot and one slash in this way.
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Decimals can be entered in the large blank field; they will be converted to fractions automatically.
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After each number for your calculation tap a blue operator button. The calculation is displayed step by step in the calculation bar.

After up to five numbers tap the equals button (=) for the result.
Other operators
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After a result has been displayed or a fraction converted tap the C button for reset to start a new calculation. You can also just tap into an entry field to automatically reset, so you don’t have to tap C.

With the delete button you can delete the last fraction in the current calculation. By repeatedly tapping delete you can erase the entire calculation stepwise if needed.