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AppToolFactory does not collect or process data about you.
If you opt in to Apple's Analytics data sharing Apple will share with AppToolFactory anonymised data about App function and usage frequency to help improve and optmize the App
All data that you enter into our Apps will be stored on your device only, unless you activate backups in iCloud within our Apps; in this case aggregated, non-encrypted data will be stored in your personalized iCloud container on Apple servers.

Alogea: If you decide to delete diary data stored in iCloud you can do so by de-activating iCloud backups and then choosing to delete all iCloud backup data.

We will not store or share your personal data as far as is not required by law / regulations. We may update the Terms of Use including this Privacy Policy in which case we will notify you in the relevant update.
If you contact us (e.g. support) we will store the contact details that you give us to process your enquiry and keep a communication record in case further enquiries are made. If you do not wish us to store your contact details in this way please let us know. In this case we may not be able to respond fully to your enquiry if the required information is not available immediately. We will not share the contact details you give us with others.